Three Major Ways That Outdoor Design Differs From Indoor Design

Many clients turn to their interior designers to continue applying their valuable design expertise for their outdoor rooms or outdoor space. This can be a valuable approach to providing a great outdoor environment as long as some key differences are recognized. Outdoor space is not the same as indoor space in terms of the impact from the elements on people and materials. If you can, incorporate several steps into your outdoor design and construction you can create the very best outdoor room for your home.

The Three Major Ways that Outdoor Rooms Differ From Indoor Space are the following:

1). Traditional Indoor materials do not always work outdoors. Granite, and other finishes may create too much of an artificial look that does nothing to connect the aesthetics of an outdoor kitchen or fireplace to the outdoor environment. Wood also does not fair well in environments such as Florida. Consider using stacked stone, marble or concrete based products that can withstand the elements.

2). Outdoor Areas are usually even more confined that indoor areas. Some states, like Florida, have limited outdoor space. Your design should be not only very pleasing to the eye but functional as well. Make sure to include enough space for outdoor seating and walk space. And, always remember to keep your view unimpeded to the rest of the out door area. outdoor landscape design

3). Indoor Contractors are not always good for outdoor projects. In this highly specialized world, indoor kitchen manufacturers, General Contractors, and other builders used to building in their respective areas. If possible, find a licensed contractor that specializes in outdoor design and construction. Many times they will be a valuable addition to your team because of their experience. They usually know what works and does not work outdoors in terms of materials, layout, utilities such as electric and plumbing and sometimes most importantly – the outdoor kitchen, fireplace and BBQ Equipment.

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