The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Oppo reno 6


The Oppo Rego is an impressive device from the Oppo group of smartphones in the market. It can do everything that you need from a smart phone, without the hassle of using an additional card and with a fully functioning metal frame. In this review I am going to give you my honest review about the Oppo Rego, including its unique features, its performance and its looks. After reading this article you should k now why the Oppo Rego is probably one of the most interesting smartphones in the current smartphone market. oppo reno 6

With a price tag of over $400, the Oppo Rego is definitely one of the most expensive smartphone in the market today. Even though it has all the right functions, I think that it is too expensive for many people who are looking for high quality smartphones at a low price. At the same time, the Oppo Rego could be considered as one of the most attractive smartphones in the market today, thanks to its metal frame and the amazing amount of memory it comes with. As I said before, this is one of the most impressive smartphone devices currently available in the market, with a great combination of powerful hardware and an attractive user interface, which make it highly desirable for many consumers. The price tag does not stop there, with other features like an 8 megapixel camera and other special features like built-in GPS and Bluetooth making it even more desirable for those looking for a smartphone with a lot of features.

So, why does the Oppo Rego come with such an impressive package? It has all the functionalities that you could ask for in a smartphone: it has an integrated camera, which is capable of taking clear pictures in all lighting conditions, it comes with a decent battery and it has a decent, if not great, screen resolution. All of these things are possible thanks to the large LCD panel on the phone, which helps make it a very attractive smartphone and at the same time it manages to combine all these features in a way that is very reliable and consistent. For example, the power and volume keys are very responsive thanks to the presence of capacitive buttons which make them extremely easy to use and work properly. One important thing that the Oppo Reo lacks, however, is a physical home button, which makes it difficult for some users to find the home button – something that can be seen as a negative thing depending on your usage of a smartphone, but then again, this inconsistency might be seen as an advantage in some cases: for example, if you use your smartphone a lot for navigation and want to access your email or text messages every time you get connected to the internet, you will not be able to find the home button very often, so having a consistent home button can be a nice feature for this kind of consumer.

Speaking of software, the Oppo ReO also comes with one of the most impressive set of applications on a smartphone today. The ZenFone OS, as this operating system is called, is one of the most stable and efficient out there, and it enables the use of advanced graphical technologies such as Adreno smart technology and Corning’s AMOLED screens to offer users a truly unique mobile experience. The phone has two different screen sizes, with the main display having a regular size of just 4.2 inches, whilst the larger one has a diagonal of 13 inches. Each of these screen sizes is accompanied by a unique set of specifications, with the regular screen size offering support for up to HTML5 applications and plenty of memory space for users to store their personal data. Meanwhile, the larger screen offers better image quality and clearer text, which will no doubt be an extremely popular feature with many smartphone users.

However, this unique combination of powerful features, incredible image quality and consistent performance leaves some users disappointed with the Oppo ReO. The biggest issue with the phone, in my opinion, concerns the lack of available RAM on the phone. Although it is a massive improvement on the Oppo Eazze, which had just sixGB of RAM, the Onyx can still only be described as a mediocre handset – something that every smartphone buyer should avoid. Its consistent lack of memory space is probably the biggest drawback of this beautiful smartphone and prevents it from becoming a very desirable device in its price range.

Thankfully, the battery life of the Oppo ReNo 6 can usually be improved by purchasing a compatible battery and using a high quality charger. This flaw is also related to the power management system of the handset, which unfortunately doesn’t allow users to adjust the power settings to reduce power consumption when they are using the device on low power. This makes the battery life of the Oppo ReNo 6 a little more questionable, but it is still a very impressive device overall. In terms of browsing and using applications, the smart phone offers a smooth and fluid browsing experience and offers users excellent performance, with consistently crisp and clear images.

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